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Architectural Structure

Kate Glowinski

Kate was born and raised in Ufa, Russia. 


She received an Art Degree in Product Design & Fine Arts at St.Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, Russia.


With an art school background and nothing else, at the age of 23, she arrived to conquer New York City. Since then she lives and works in NYC.


By following her American Dream built on movies Kate had seen as a child yet were foreign, brought her to Motion Picture itself. She is one of the artists who create the magic we see on TV.


But the escape is always in her personal work, her paintings.


Kate’s love for street art and given classical art education allow her to create a unique blend of rival genres. 

Through the eyes of her portraits, Kate tries to open her perspective to the world. Her experiments with bold colors, different methods, and techniques help to widen her expressions as a painter.


And For You Is To Enjoy It!

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